Sonaka grapes

Size of berries: 16-19 mm.
Soluble Solids Content (oB): Mature fruits with a S.S.C of 19-21oB.
Colour & Shape of Berries: Berries of light green to light amber colour characteristic for the variety with elongated shape.
Bunch Attributes: Conical bunches with intact berries and green stems.

Black jumbo grapes

In order to ensure their quality, taste and purity, these grapes are rigorously checked against numerous parameters by our quality controllers.
Visible/near-infrared (Vis/NIR) spectroscopy.

Using spectrophotometer the concentration of extractable anthocyanins at pH equal to 1.0 (pH10) and 3.2 (pH32), the concentration of polyphenols (IPT), the concentration of sugars (OH) and the density were determined.


Maharashtra is the leading producer of pomegranate

Cultivated under the most favourable condition, this fruit is also properly checked against different parameters by our experts.

Types of Pomegranate available with us ­

  • Ganesh- This variety has pinkish yellow to reddish yellow rind colour, having light pink arils and soft seeds. Fruit weighs between 225­250 gms with medium T.S.S.
  • Ruby- The fruit skin is red in colour and weighs between 225­275 gms. The grains are soft, having high T.S.S.
  • Arakta- Fruits are dark red in colour with soft seeds and with high T.S.S.
  • Bhagwa- The fruit is glossy red in colour with soft seeds and high T.S.S.
  • T.S.S.­ Total Soluble Solid


We have varieties of mangoes like Alphonso, Kesar and Pairi available with us.

Indian mangoes come in various shapes, sizes and colours with a wide variety of flavour, aroma and taste. The Indian mango is the special product that substantiates the high standards of quality and bountiful of nutrients packed in it. This luscious fruit is a warehouse of potassium, beta- carotene and antioxidants. We have varieties of mangoes like Alphonso, Kesar and Pairi available with us.

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