Potato is the most important food crop of the world. Potato is being cultivated in the country for the last more than 300 years. For vegetable purposes it has become one of the most popular crops in this country. Potatoes are an economical food; they provide a source of low cost energy to the human diet. Potatoes are a rich source of starch, vitamins especially C and B1 and minerals. They contain 20.6 per cent carbohydrates, 2.1 per cent protein, 0.3 per cent fat, 1.1 per cent crude fiber and 0.9 per cent ash. They also contain a good amount of essential amino acids like leucine, tryptophan and isoleucine etc.


We are purely focused on onion exports without quantitative ceiling subject to its condition of quality and have a large customer/supplier networks all over the world and we also share market information about various market trends and surpluses and shortages. We ensure that quality of onion is maintained. We export red onions, white onions and yellow onions. We provide our customers with fresh and 100% natural onions.


Garlic is widely known for its pungent flavor, used for flavoring various culinary dishes. Hence, these products can be used for seasoning dry soups mixes, sauces, vegetable mixes, stuffing mixes and fast foods.

Green chilly

The green chilly is special condiment that adds pungency and color to the food. With having certain medicinal properties, it also possess some vitamins like A,C,E and P. The chilies also have some homeopathic properties. The chilies are carefully chosen to enhance the delicacy of the dishes and can retain aroma for longer period of time.

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